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A good starting point for a camp school with content: We are located in the heart of North Zealand, surrounded by three X waters - it is almost like a children's egg. Around us are Roskilde Fjord, Arresø and Kattegat. An added bonus is that from the hostel we have canoes in that you can rent and sail directly from us, out on the Frederiksværk channels "Mini-Venice" - here you can sail out to Roskilde Fjord, a trip up to the city center or out to Arresø. On Arresø it is also possible to book a trip with Frederikke M/S, which is a large wooden ship. Here you can be lucky to meet beavers and special birds. At our hostel we have a large garden, outdoor table tennis, playground, campfire (for example snobbrød and marshmallows), right next door we have lots of ball fields as well as gunpowder area, which today is quite harmless and is a museum.

Bus stop is only 3 minutes away and train station to Hillerød and Copenhagen just 9 minutes on foot.

Visit ex. Liseleje beach, Havtyren which is a fantastic nature playground, Torup eco country, Hundested harbor and Sand sculpture festival or make an appointment with one of our local companies.

We like to arrange: Pajamas party, bedtime reading, competitions, kids cooking - and children yoga and meditation for your camp school. If there are birthday children, they are celebrated.

We offer separate management rooms, however at an additional cost. And then of course there is free "teacher-coffee / tea" on the jug around the clock and the opportunity to brew even in our kitchens if in running out.

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Parties and meeting rooms in Frederiksværk

We have lovely bright function rooms with us - here are suitable from the very small companies for parties with 75 participants.

Our rooms are suitable for weddings, silver weddings, christenings, receptions and birthdays.

Unfortunately, you cannot hold youth parties with us - this is intended for the slightly more quiet parties

You can book with or without accommodation - and the number of overnight stays can easily be different from the number of guests who are partying. Since we are also a campsite, your guests can bring their own caravan or tent, you can book a cabin or a bed / room in the hostel.

We also have a large terrace, so you can sit out in good weather and you can book a breakfast buffet the day after.

Here is - plenty of room for all guests and many opportunities for the perfect event.

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A small cozy place where socializing is in the center. With large outdoor areas, plenty of space in the plenum room and a relaxed atmosphere, the hostel lends itself well to smaller courses. Between the hours you eat well, go long walks, rent a canoe or play tennis.

After the day's work, there is plenty of room for the evening's activities. The beautiful natural surroundings encourage you to explore the surrounding area on your own or in the company of a local nature guide. DANHOSTEL Frederiksværk is located on the outskirts of the city in quiet green surroundings, close to the marina and a few minutes from the station.



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Craftsmen love to come with us. Possibility of "late check-in" and for self-cooking. We have rooms, cabins and camping area, in different standards and at different prices. We like to give you a good craftsman discount for you who come often and stay for several nights.

Business people and others with the cvr number of course also come under this category and are warmly welcomed. Send us an email at for a good offer and is it right now and here you need a bed then call 23 44 88 44 and we find a bed for you.

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